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Opening a manicure studio – What we need to know?


It is no secret that well-groomed hands are considered a sign of good taste and aesthetics. That is why women today rarely miss a manicure. You can not go to the hairdresser for months, make-up in your daily life everyone does yourself, the beautician is not visited by everyone, but the maintenance of a good-looking manicure is needed at least a bunch of months. With such a serious demand for manicurists, opening a manicure studio can be a lucrative business.
In the following lines we will give you a little more detailed information on how to start this type of business.

For starters, let’s start by introducing you to the different forms of opening a manicure studio:

Option 1 – the owner pays rent / uses his own premises, makes repairs, buys all the equipment. Here you can be a manicurist or hire one.

Option 2 – Rent a room to a manicurist. In this case, the manicurists work entirely with their equipment and materials, take all the profits for themselves, and pay rent to the owner of the salon.

Option 3 – Salon at home. A good option for beginner manicurists without start-up capital.

In addition, if you already have a beauty salon, you do not need to open a manicure studio. You can just open a manicure place in it. 

Advantages and disadvantages of opening a manicure studio:

We will start with the advantages:

  • High and constant demand
  • Flexible working hours
  • High income
  • Small investments
  • Creative expression


  • Great competition
  • Load on the spine due to the position of work
  • Attaching clients to a specific manicurist
  • Inspections by the sanitary services

Here are some more important steps: 

  1. Make a business plan. This will make it easier for you to estimate the amount of investment you need.
  2. Choice of location.
  3. Renovation of the premises – here it is desirable to include an amount for the design of the salon.
  4. Equipment – 1 or 2 manicure tables and a pedicure armchair, 2 lamps for nail art, upholstered furniture for the lobby area or for waiting, a table for magazines, an office stand, etc.
  5. Hiring staff. If you are going to work alone, this is out of the question.
  6. Purchase of materials.
  7. Company registration, finding a good accountant and obtaining the necessary permits from the municipal administration, the fire service and the RHI.
  8. Advertising – advertising is mandatory at the initial opening of a manicure studio.

Necessary documents when opening a manicure studio

First of all, you must have the necessary document for this – a certificate, certificate or diploma. It is important that the document is issued by a licensed person to conduct qualification courses and trainings at the Ministry of Education and Science.

Registration is required for commercial activity with the RHI and the municipality.

Requirements for opening a manicure studio

  1. Registration in RHI as an object with public purpose;
  2. The requirements for a manicure studio are described in Ordinance 15 of the Ministry of Health. Read more HERE:
  3. Compliance with sanitary and hygienic requirements of RHI
  4. Coordination of documentation and instructions for fire safety with the chief of the fire brigade at the place of residence
  5. Contract with a company for occupational medicine and occupational safety for the preparation of the initial risk assessments

We at T&G Consulting can be useful to you throughout the entire process of starting a business and further accounting services.