T&G Consulting has more than 10 years of experience in the field of accountancy and financial consultations.

We combine our broad experience with constant development. We aim to keep up with new technologies. We make the most of the opportunities that are provided to us and to our customers. We offer an individual approach to each client as we believe that your business and your needs in the accountancy field are unique and of great importance.

We are ready to assist you in resolving your case. We have the knowledge, capabilities and professional experience to find the right solutions for your company’s accountancy.

We provide a variety of services in the field of company accountancy:

Company registration,  Accounting services, Tax and accountancy consultations, Payroll services, Legal consultations

In order to be able to offer you up-to-date information, we constantly monitor the changes in the legal framework and discussions about legal amendments.

The priorities of the T&G Consulting team are aimed towards achieving long-term business relationships contributing to the success of your business. You can be sure that you will receive real and accurate information about the state of your company’s finances and the state of your accountancy. We believe that this objectivity in accountancy services supports and facilitates management decisions.

Trust our skills– CONTACT US.

For your convenience, our team speaks English, Russian and Bulgarian. The services offered by T&G Consulting are for every type of business. We have experience with clients operating in and out of the country. We take care of the company accountancy of our clients working in a variety of fields of economy, among which:

• Digital marketing
• Companies focused entirely on digital technologies
• Construction
• Tourism
• Hospitality
• Transport
• Production
• Services
• Trade
• Agriculture
• Internet shops
• Software companies

• International trade
• IT
• NGOs
• Project and grant funding
• Drop shipping
• Crypto currencies
• Trading on EBay and Amazon
• Trade in and outside the EU, including China
• Provision of services through global marketplace
• Payroll Services
• Liberal professions (freelance)