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Legal consultations

Lawyers with extensive experience and proven skills in the Legal field

Legal Consultations

The continuous changes in Legislation, ever-changing requirements for traders and the introduction of different registration regimes present an additional challenge. Hence the need for legal consultations from professional lawyers proven in the field.

Our team of solicitors provides legal services and legal consultations to representatives of small and medium-sized businesses, from Start-ups and new businesses to established companies. We offer legal assistance and legal consultations to companies from different industries. Our lawyers work successfully with local and foreign legal entities. We are a reliable partner in solving legal issues concerning your business and future projects.

We can be useful with the tax authorities that include preparing standpoints on requests from the authorities, appealing against tax rulings and penal decrees, legal representation in relation to them.

The experience of our solicitors also extends to relations between employer and employee, in conducting negotiations with your counterparties as well as collection of receivables by court order, drawing up specific contracts, additional agreements, etc.

In addition to the general legal framework in the field of commercial turnover and tax and labor law, the legal consultations offered by our lawyers are related to the specialized legislation, according to the specifics of your activity. Timely and competent legal assistance is particularly important for any trader or legal person.

If you need legal services, contact T&G Consulting. Our solicitors will advise you and represent you in a legal case. Our task is to support you and save you unnecessary nerves and efforts.