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payroll servicesPayroll services and accountability of staff are of utmost importance in any successful company.

For this area of the accounting services, in addition to accounting skills, excellent knowledge of Labor and Tax Legislation as well as the constant upgrade of this knowledge is also needed.

When employing staff, there are many questions related to payroll services, such as: what type of contract to use for the person’s employment? Should it be a civil or employment contract? Should it be on a four-hour or eight-hour workday? What documents are needed for the employment of the worker in your company? Do I even need a outsource payroll services? What documents need to be submitted when inspected by the Labor Inspectorate? Is it possible that the worker is employed on an eight-hour contract of employment but works shifts on the company’s internal schedule?

These and many other questions, sometimes of a much more complex nature, arise when it comes to payroll  and staff honesty.

We at T&G Consulting constantly develop our skills and monitor changes in Tax and Labor Laws. This way, you can be sure that the payroll services offered by us are always in accordance with the most up-to-date Legal Amendments – CONTACT US.

Here are some of our payroll services we offer:

• Registration of self-insured persons

• Initial consultation on the form of recruitment of staff

• Preparation and registration of employment contracts, additional agreements, civil contracts

• Preparation and registration of orders for termination of employment relations

• Filling in employment and social security documents

• Preparation of monthly payrolls and pay slips

• Preparation of payment documents and reference to payment codes of the social security contributions due in order to facilitate the payment of social security contributions

• Submission of sick leave documents to the NSSI (National Social Security Institute)

• Preparation of business official notices

• Statement of the cost of salaries and social security contributions

• Representation before NSSI (National Social Security Institute) in inspections and audits