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Deletion of a Sole proprietorship (SP) – how to do it?

In most cases, the deletion of a sole proprietorship is requested by the heirs of a deceased sole trader. If none of them wants to take over the business of the sole trader after his death, the name of the sole trader must be deleted from the commercial register. Another reason to propose the deletion of a SP is the appointment of the sole trader as a civil servant. The sole...

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Annual tax return of a natural person

At this time of year, individuals are often asked if they need to file an annual tax return for the previous year. Here Art. 50 of the Personal Income Tax Act gives a normative justification of the requirement for submission. In this article we will look at several cases in which an individual must file an annual tax return. Taxable income based on the total annual tax base:...

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Business from home – Home Business Ideas

In the last two years, many people have had to work remotely from home. On the one hand, we work from the comfort of our own home, but on the other hand, monotony can be overwhelming for some. The pandemic has led to many changes in the economy, health care and completely changed the pace of our lives. Many people failed to keep their jobs, and for some their incomes fell...

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Graduate specialist in several fields – strategic and business planning, accounting and auditing of non-financial corporations and project management. Fluent in English and Russian. Experienced in international economic relations, accounting and human resources with clients operating their businesses in the European Union and beyond, including China and America.


The chief accountant of our company. She has been a certified expert accountant since 1992. Proven professional in the field of accounting and HR and payroll services. In her extensive practice she has experience in the effective and uncompromising resolution of the most tangled and specific cases known in the practice.