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Opening a restaurant – Here are some useful guidelines

At first glance, the mission of opening a restaurant seems very easy and simple. In practice, however, this is not the case at all. Restaurateurs face a number of requirements, norms, laws that cannot be ignored. In this post we will try to shed at least a little light on the whole process of opening a restaurant. As with any start-up business, the first step is to register a...

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Landscaping company – opening a company for landscape design

Recently, more and more importance is paid to green areas such as parks, gardens and private yards. Of course, who doesn't want to enjoy a walk in a park full of flowers, trees and freshly cut grass. Here comes the role of a landscaping company. It is the landscape designers who take care of the creation and maintenance of green areas so that we can enjoy their beauty. If you...

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Accounting of a guest house – what you need to know

With the beginning of the summer season, the topic of rest at sea becomes increasingly discussed. On the other hand, however, the owners of guesthouses and hotels are in feverish sweatiness. The hotel business in Bulgaria is not an easy niche. Every year, hotels and guesthouses face new challenges. In this article, we will try to provide you with a little more information...

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Graduate specialist in several fields – strategic and business planning, accounting and auditing of non-financial corporations and project management. Fluent in English and Russian. Experienced in international economic relations, accounting and human resources with clients operating their businesses in the European Union and beyond, including China and America.


The chief accountant of our company. She has been a certified expert accountant since 1992. Proven professional in the field of accounting and HR and payroll services. In her extensive practice she has experience in the effective and uncompromising resolution of the most tangled and specific cases known in the practice.