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Tax consulting
The team of T&G Consulting believes that every endeavor, regardless of the field of activity, needs consultations with professionals.

The tax and accounting consultations that we at T&G Consulting provide in the field of direct and indirect taxes contribute to the successful development of each company.

Our tax and accounting consultations cover: understanding the necessity and benefit of tax planning. As well as optimization of taxation, analysis and evaluation of tax effects on the activities of companies and individuals.

We keep ourselves informed and offer an adequate response when dealing with tax information. Our goal is for you to receive tax and accounting consultations depending on the specifics of your business. Most often they are related to issues concerning taxes, accounting, planning, analysis, profitability of the company, administration, staff, etc.

The tax field and tax-like payments

This is an extremely dynamic field that is constantly changing. Therefore, knowledge of the legal provisions which are applicable only to Bulgaria is extremely insufficient knowledge. An important necessity has become compliance with international norms precisely as more and more Bulgarian companies have trade relations abroad.

We strive to be completely objective in our consultations and firmly stand by our words. We have extensive experience in solving serious cases, saving you headaches and finances. The tax field is not difficult to familiarize with the right approach. But this is a process that requires a lot of time and would cost an outflow from the main activities related to your business.

That is why we are ready to provide you with the necessary assistance through comprehensive tax and accounting consultations. They are based on the most up-to-date information in the country and abroad. We guarantee that we will be uncompromising in our tax consultations. We will not spare you even the unfavorable part of your case.

Do not hesitate – CONTACT US, we will find together the right solution for you.