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Company registration

We at T&G Consulting offer you assistance throughout the entire process of company registration

Company registration

Company registration is a process filled with very specific moments.

In order for a company registration to be successful, it must be listed in the Commercial Register. The data of all companies in Bulgaria is stored there. Once the company is listed, it receives its unique identification code – UIC – or BULSTAT as it was previously. Having prepared and submitted the documents, this process takes between three and seven working days.

During the process of company registration choosing the appropriate legal form for your company is of great importance–Ltd.; ST; PLC. Each legal form has its pros and cons and is chosen according to the needs of the company.

The next important point which requires attention when registering a company are bank accounts. Legal – company accounts are quite different from physical – personal accounts. In order to submit the company’s registration documents, it is necessary to open an accumulation account. The accumulation account is where the capital, which the company will be registered with, is paid up. After registering the company, this accumulation account is closed and a company current account is opened.

Upon initial company registration, it is possible to launch an application for VAT (VATA) registration. If VAT registration (VATA), is mandatory for your company, this way you will save money on state and bank fees. There are many specific moments when registering the company. Some of those moments can save you time from filling out additional documents and waiting for their examination and approval. With accountancy experience of over 10 years, we at will assist you throughout the process.