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Opening a car repair shop- how is it done?


People say that if someone is good at something, it is necessary to deal with it. If he is very good, why not turn his passion into his own business. Today’s article will be aimed at those of us who are good at repairing cars and would like to know a little bit more about opening a car repair shop. In the following lines we will give you some important guidelines on the way to achieving this goal.

Requirements for opening a car repair shop

As with any business, you need to register a company in the first place. One of the important decisions you should make at this stage is the type of company. For this purpose, you should consider which option is right for you Sole proprietorship, Sp. Ltd or Ltd. Think about how much capital you have and how big you want your start-up business to be.

Our advice for opening a car repair shop is to prepare a detailed business plan. It is through him that you will find out the amount needed for start-up capital. It usually notes everything: the cost of equipment, all kinds of payments, the salaries of employees, the cost of stationery. Once you have prepared your business plan for opening a car repair shop, the car repair shop must be strictly guided by it. This will help you control the turnover of funds.

Important legal provisions that you must comply with

Opening a car repair shop is a specific business and there are many requirements that you must meet in order not to be subject to sanctions from various institutions and to work in accordance with the law. The provisions covered by the business are the following:

  • Law on Spatial Planning
  • Waste Management Act
  • Law on Environmental Noise Protection
  • Ordinances on fire safety requirements


Documents and permits for opening a car service

In addition to the above provisions, registration with the RHI is required. To obtain permits from them, the premises must meet your needs and the services you will offer. Important details are the provisions for waste, storage, storage and others, especially materials such as oils and other hazardous consumables.

 Our advice

  • Do not overlook sanitary norms. For example, it is forbidden to have a car repair shop near residential buildings.
  • If there will be a car wash, think in advance about all issues related to the sewer system.
  • Regarding the documentation related to localization, sanitary norms and other points, we advise you to consult with lawyers and an accounting firm in order to avoid omissions at an early stage.
  • Take car service accounting and taxation especially seriously. It will be easier to solve the problem from the very beginning and you will not attract negative attention.
  • Don’t skimp on quality equipment. The technological process and the return of the car service depend on this.
  • Do not think that you will be able to anticipate all the costs. When opening a car repair shop, as well as at every start, a number of unforeseen costs arise – e.g. For advertising. There should always be a certain amount for unforeseen situations or important needs.


We at T&G Consulting have many years of experience with start-up businesses and we are ready to assist you. We will be your faithful partner on the road to success.

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