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What is Intrastat?

  Intrastat is a statistical system for collecting data on trade in goods between countries in the European Union. It allows EU member states to collect, process and analyze data on the movement of goods between them. The Intrastat system was introduced in 1993 to provide better and more accurate information on international trade within … Read more

Starting a startup company

What do we need to know before creating a startup? You can find out the answer in here. Consultation and assistance from T&G Consulting

  In the last few years, we hear more and more often about the term startup in various business circles, and not only. Such type of businesses are becoming more and more relevant in the field of innovation and technology. The word comes directly from the English language – startup. But what exactly is behind it? … Read more

Outsourcing of accounting services

Outsourcing of accounting services The advantages of hiring an firm to handle our accounting services in Bulgaria. - T&G Consulting

  More and more small and medium-sized businesses use outsourcing of accounting services . With the help of accounting specialists, companies manage to optimize their business processes, cut costs and successfully reduce tax risks. That is why the field of accounting services enjoys great popularity and is imperative for any well-functioning, successful and legally compliant … Read more

VIES – What is it?

What is VIES used for? What is its purpose and who can use it? Can everyone participate in the VIES system for exchanging information?

  We have already told you in detail about VAT . Who pays it, how it is refunded and how the VAT registration itself takes place. In today’s article we will explain the essence of the so-called VIES and we will give you some details related to it. What is VIES (Value Added Tax Information … Read more

One Stop Shop (OSS) – What it is

What is OSS (one stop shop)? Who can use it, what is the purpose of one stop shop? Can i register for one stop shop in Bulgaria?

  One stop shop (OSS)  is an electronic service intended for taxable persons (in particular online traders and traders who manage the electronic interfaces). Through it, they can fulfill their VAT obligations, related to supplies of goods and/or services within the European Union to end customers/consumers. Within the framework of the one stop shop, two … Read more

Opening a car wash – Where to start?

Opening a car wash – Where to start? What steps to take and who to consult when interested in opening a car wash in Bulgaria?

  Today’s article will give you another idea to start a business – namely, opening a car wash. The number of cars in cities is steadily increasing. This increases the demand for various car services. That is why entrepreneurs are increasingly turning their attention to the business related to car services, car washes, gas stations. … Read more

Opening a pharmacy – where to start?

Opening a pharmacy in Bulgaria as a foreigner. You want to start your own business. What does it takes ? - accountancy T&G Consulting Varna

  When opening a pharmacy, whether physical or online, you must meet a number of requirements. They are described in detail in the Law on Medicinal Products in Human Medicine and ORDINANCE No. 28 of 09.12.2008 on the structure, procedure and organization of pharmacy work, as well as the nomenclature of medicinal products. You must … Read more