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Opening a car wash – Where to start?


Today’s article will give you another idea to start a business – namely, opening a car wash. The number of cars in cities is steadily increasing. This increases the demand for various car services. That is why entrepreneurs are increasingly turning their attention to the business related to car services, car washes, gas stations. In the following lines, we’ll give you more detailed information about opening a car wash.

When talking about opening a car wash, let’s not forget that the competition in this business is great. To achieve success, you need to find a way to stand out in the market. To do this, you undoubtedly need to get to know your competitors. The easiest thing to do would be by visiting the car washes in the area/city and using their services. A look from the outside will help you turn the minuses of competitors into their own pros.

Note the following key points:

  • Prices;
  • Quality;
  • Service speed;
  • Effectiveness of detergents;
  • Number of cells for cars;
  • A range of services offered.

Types of car washes:

When opening a car wash, you must first decide how it is. We will provide you with the seven types of car washes known on the market, along with their pros and cons. Here they are:

Advantages – Low cost, high cleaning efficiency, stable demand.
Disadvantages – Long service time, relatively low income, high risks of damage to the paint of the vehicle.

Advantages – No staff needed, quality cleaning of the car.
Disadvantages – Еequipment costs.

Advantages – No staff needed, cleaning without damage to the paint of the vehicle.
Disadvantages – Expenditure on special equipment and preparations

Advantages – Perfect processing and polishing of surfaces, low equipment costs.
Disadvantages – Finding qualified staff

Automatic portal
Advantages – Possibility to perform not only washing, but also drying, cleaning of tires and other services.
Disadvantages – Large expenses for equipment and preparations.

Automatic conveyor belt
Advantages – Possibility to service large means of transport.
Disadvantages – Expensive equipment, competent technicians are needed to manage the process.

Many of the car washes also offer a number of additional services such as carpet washing, dry and/or wet cleaning of upholstery, laundry of baby strollers, etc. . Before opening a car wash, consider whether you can include these and other services to yours.

What it takes to open a car wash:

  • Company registration
  • Right-of-ownership document or lease at the site
  • Design and construction of car wash
  • Approval of technical and work projects
  • Water use permit
  • Permission of the RHI
  • Contract with Electricity provider
  • Contract with District Heating
  • Contract with Water company
  • Permission as per the WASTE MANAGEMENT ACT
  • Commissioning
  • Permission of the General Directorate “Fire Safety”
  • Permission for special use of roads
  • Registration of a public site
  • Registration of the fiscal device
  • Registration of business hours

Wastewater is discharged into the sewer during operation. Therefore, before opening a car wash, it is necessary to conclude an agreement with the plumbing company. There are regulatory requirements regarding the composition of wastewater. The volume of wastewater is prescribed in the contract, as well as the inadmissibility of discharging environmentally hazardous substances into the sewage system.

Water purification equipment must be installed on the sink. It is usually a compact and inexpensive unit. Such equipment is designed to clean incoming water. 

And more:

  • Equipment rooms
  • Room for customers – with possibility to buy drinks and sit / vending machines, place to pay
  • Staff room – with bathroom, changing area and lunch area
  • Finding suppliers
  • Advertising
  • Accounting services

The business of opening a car wash is an excellent start for a novice entrepreneur. Whether it is profitable to open or not depends largely on individual abilities, on the approach to business, rationality. We at T&G Consulting are ready to take over the entire accounting service of your business and take the burden off your shoulders.

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