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Landscaping company – opening a company for landscape design

Landscaping company - Some useful tips for opening and maintaining a landscaping company in Bulgaria; Company registration | T&G ConsultingRecently, more and more importance is paid to green areas such as parks, gardens and private yards. Of course, who doesn’t want to enjoy a walk in a park full of flowers, trees and freshly cut grass. Here comes the role of a landscaping company. It is the landscape designers who take care of the creation and maintenance of green areas so that we can enjoy their beauty.

If you have decided that you want to start your own landscaping company, we at T&G Consulting would like to give you some useful tips.

Research the market

The first thing to do is marketing research. Understand the volume and capacity of the market of the city or territory, analyze the target audience and competitors, identify vacancies.

Based on the study, the concept for the future landscaping company is formed and the idea of ​​what services to offer is developed. Based on the created concept, it is important to prepare a detailed business plan for starting a company. This will allow you to realistically estimate the costs associated with entering the business, the payback time and to understand the profitability of the future project.

Company registration

The second most important step is choosing the form in which your landscaping company will operate. Here we mean whether you will perform your activity as a sole proprietorship. Or the activity will be developed on behalf of the trade company (Ltd., Ltd.). HERE you can learn a little more about the different types of companies. Next comes, of course, the registration of the company.

What you will need:

A key point is to provide a storage room where the equipment will be stored. Please note that it is important that the premises comply with the Ordinance on the requirements for the warehouse 

The next stage is the purchase of the necessary equipment. To minimize costs here, make sure you get equipment according to the needs of your landscaping company and the services you choose that you will offer.

For any business to be successful, it undoubtedly needs qualified staff. Think about how many employees you will need and what skills you will require from them.

Don’t forget about advertising

To promote the success of your landscaping company, it is necessary to develop a media plan. The choice of advertising channels depends on the target audience, market coverage and advertising budget. These can be all channels: leaflets, brochures, billboards, advertising on social networks. An important part of the advertisement will be your logo on the facade of the building.

Remember to pay attention to the development of digital channels: the availability of its own website and the maintenance of social networks. On these resources you can put all the information for customers who are interested. Include a list of your company’s landscaping services, work schedule, portfolio, contacts, etc. Don’t forget about the cost of developing and online advertising your resources.

Despite the fact that the implementation of the project with a landscaping company will be expensive, the business has good profitability. The profitability of the business depends directly on the effective management, the correctly chosen concept and the competent pricing policy.

In case you have any specific questions and inquiries or you have decided to entrust the task of registering your company and its service to specialists with many years of experience in the field, do not hesitate to get in touch with us – T&G Consulting. In our face you will find a reliable partner in your business.

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