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You’re planning to open a beauty salon. Here are a few important moments.

Beauty Salon - Important things to take into account; What do we need to know when we are starting that type of business? | T&G ConsultingThe opening of a beauty salon is related to compliance with many requirements from several different institutions – The Health Authorities, Labor Inspectorate, The NRA And the Local Administration.

The first most important thing is a choice of the form in which the beauty salon will develop its activity. Here you need to consider whether you will carry out your activity as an SP. Or the activity will be developed on behalf of the commercial company (Ltd.).

The next significant moment comes when choosing premises and submitting the relevant documents to the institutions – according to ORDINANCE No 15 of 21 August 1987 in regard to hygiene requirements for beauty salons.

The opening of a beauty salon is related to compliance with many requirements from several different places. Here are some of them: Health Authorities, Labor Inspectorate, NRA And Local Administration.

Each beauty salon is opened in independent premises built or adapted for this purpose.

In beauty salons the types of services which are offered are in accordance to a list agreed with the Ministry of National Health and Social Care.

Cosmetic treatments are performed only by qualified professionals.

The design of a beauty salon should have the following areas for one workplace. Barber (as well as for manicure, pedicure) – 6 sq.m., hairdresser – 8 sq.m. cosmetic – 9.6 sq.m. (for 2 or more jobs – 8 sq.m for a place in separate cabins).

In the beauty salons there is a room (laboratory) for the preparation of waxing with an area of 2 sq.m. for each workplace and a total of at least 4 sq.m.

In the salon there should be a room for visitors measuring 2.5 sq.m. Your beauty salon should have a workplace of up to 10 seats and 1.5 sq.m. (m) for extra workplace. In a beauty salon up with to 3 workplaces a suitable place for visitors and hanger for upper clothes are needed at a distance of at least 1.5 m from the workplaces.

Each workplace is provided with a work table with a countertop and a washbasin with hot and cold water. In a hairdresser – two helmets and one hairdryer, and in a beauty salon a bucket with a pedal. Washing can be done in one particular place throughout the salon.

Mechanical ventilation is required in the rooms where the work done is related to the release of steam, heat or various harmful fumes. The intended ventilation for a beauty salon has a two-fold air exchange for 1 hour, including upper opening wings of the windows.

A shared toilet for staff is planned in the salons with up to 5 workplaces. And in case the beauty salon has over 5 workplaces – with wards for women and men.

In the salons the use of cosmetics and toiletries, appliances and work tools is permitted. It is necessary that they have standardization documents or standard permits from the State Sanitation Control Authorities.

Workers in a beauty salon must have regularly certified personal health records. They should be kept by the person in charge of the salon or by his deputy (determined by the order of the management);

The projects for construction and reconstruction of a beauty salon are agreed with the authorities of the State Sanitary Control. Ready-to-operate salons are opened with their permission.

Like any retail outlet, each beauty salon must register with the respective municipality. It is necessary to specify the opening hours of the site. This registration requires the provision of a set of documents proving the status of the premises, the registration of a cash register, etc.

The next instance during which your beauty salon must be registered is the Regional Health Inspectorate. This is the institution responsible for controlling the products you use. It is important that each product be labelled in Bulgarian, as indicated. The label must contain manufacturer/importer information, basic composition, suitability, way of use. For products whose shelf life is determined by the day of unpacking, it is necessary to keep a record with the exact day of unpacking of the product. Another option is to record this information on the product packaging.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact T&G Consulting.

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