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Want to open your own cleaning company? – Here are some helpful tips

Cleaning Company - Important steps when opening a cleaning company; Useful advice; Accounting and Company Registration | T&G ConsultingOver the past few years, there has been a strong development of a market niche that until recently seemed to be underestimated. Until about 15 years ago, there were few people who would benefit from professional home cleaning. Most of the households took on this not-so-easy task on their shoulders. Today, however, our daily lives are quite different and much more dynamic. For this reason, more and more people are choosing to use the services of a cleaning company, not only when it comes to their home, but also to the office.

If you have decided to start your business with a cleaning company, we will provide you with some useful tips in the following lines.

 Where to start:

1.Market analysis

When opening a cleaning company, the first step is analysis of the service market. Here it is important to explore the presence of competitors in the area where you will work. In addition, you need to understand how many similar companies work in the market. Try to find out more about their customer base, as well as what is the average monthly volume of work, they perform. The information collected will help you assess if your cleaning company will find a place on the market.

It is important to make a list of your competitive advantages. Thanks to them, companies and people who need professional services will turn right to your cleaning company.

We will give you an example:
The price you ask is acceptable to customers, you offer high quality services, you provide discounts and promotions for regular customers, etc.

2.The steps that follow:

If the result of your analysis is supportive of your business venture, here are the decision you will need to make:

  • Type of activity – i.e. home cleaning, office cleaning or both;
  • Company registration – legal type.;
  • Renting or buying an office;
  • Recruitment of employees;
  • Purchase of equipment;
  • Methods and types of advertising
  • etc

Renting or buying an office

When opening your own cleaning company, you need to find a small office and storage room where the equipment and cleaning products will be stored. An office is needed to receive calls from leads and keep records. Of course, it is worth noting that most customers will not visit the office. For this reason, you have the opportunity to not have one.

No specialized room is required for the storage of cleaning products and equipment. When starting a cleaning company, it almost does not matter where the office will be located, and therefore you have the opportunity to rent a small room no matter the area.


Hiring, first and foremost, depends on the customers and the premises you will clean. So, for example, a person can qualitatively wash, clean and arrange in an average of 500-800 sq.m. m. Name in mind that the success of your cleaning company depends on 80% of the staff you will hire. It should be properly trained to work with equipment, cleaners and detergents. In addition, your employees will need workwear with a company logo or badge.

At the beginning of you are advised not to hire many staff.  Instead, try to combine different types of work as a manager, manager, customer manager.

NB!  Do not forget that in order for a cleaning company to be considered effective, its return should not exceed 9 months, and the profitability should be not less than 34%.

Purchase of equipment

  • Mops, buckets and brooms;
  • Vacuum cleaner for dry and morco cleaning;
  • Trolley equipped with baskets for storing and transporting cleaning products, garbage bags;
  • Professional vacuum cleaner for carpet cleaning;
  • Sets for washing and cleaning office equipment, glass and windows;
  • Washing machine for cleaning materials and work wear;
  • Window cleaning kit
  • Machine for cleaning different ponds floor;
  • Means of transport, etc.

Due to the current COVID-19 situation, offices and households are increasingly interested in the facilities that one cleaning company or another offers. In these conditions, it is good for all businesses engaged in cleaning to offer, among other things, disinfection of premises with quality preparations and a high level of precision.

The T&G Consulting team offers you its professional assistance at every stage from the research to the subsequent financial and accounting issues concerning your business. Trust us – we will not let you down!

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