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Personal Accounting – How we waste our money without realizing it

Personal Accounting - How we waste our money without realizing it; Facts about personal accounting that we do not pay attention to.It is an indisputable fact that today we live in a consumer society in which saving is a rare virtue. Everyone would agree that it is good to have money set aside, even if you have solid financial resources. As the old proverb “Money for rainy days” reads. Stop for a moment and think about how important and necessary things you can do with the money that has been wasted. Think about how long and hard you worked to make your own money. In this article we want to pay attention to personal accounting and to pay attention to how important it is to be able to manage one’s own resources rationally.

According to a number of experts, there are several simple ways to reduce unnecessary expenses and improve your personal accounting. Here are some of them:

1.You buy something just to keep up with the trends

Those are the type of people who can be seen in two at night in line for the new iPhone? Well, let’s tell you something: new products will always appear more and more often. Each subsequent model will have newer options and attractive design. Trade is the driving force of the economy. If a company stops producing new versions of products, their business will die. However, this does not mean that you should run to the store as soon as each latest version appears. If you buy only when you really need to, you will significantly improve your personal accounting.

We will also give you an example with cars, especially new ones. For those of you who are interested, it is no secret that a car purchased on lease from a car dealership, after the first year can return and take another in its place. Then, of course, the lease is recalculated. Think, however, how unreasonable this is for most of us. Yes, you will drive a new car, but you will also pay indefinitely … and for how long. Forever in debt. Save on headaches and money – your personal accounting will thank you.

2.You buy something you don’t need just because it’s on sale

It’s easy to get carried away by the general enthusiasm and buy things you don’t need. The purpose of the signs All at -50%”, “Take three, pay two“, etc. is to make you buy. In most cases it is something you do not need at all, but the label said that it is BGN 2.36 cheaper. These impulsive purchases have a negative effect on your financial situation and personal accounting. Although you take “three for the price of two“, it is best not to buy at all.

You can really save on sales and discounts. But if you do not need these things and you can do without them, then this is no savings. And in this case it does not matter how much the product costs. In addition, you need to invent a place to store all these new things.

3.You pay for things you don’t use

If you have a fitness card but don’t have time to visit the fitness, get rid of it. Instead, you can exercise at home or take long walks when you have time. Also, consider your Internet and TV subscription plan. Do you realize how often you turn on the TV at all and how many channels you watch? We’re sure you don’t even know what all 180 channels you pay for each month are. From the point of view of personal accounting, consider moving to a more basic plan for less money.

4.Not using discount cards

How can you not give your personal data to these predatory supermarkets and hypermarkets, so that they regularly bombard you with spam or advertisements for regular discounts? Be mutually beneficial – use discount cards or loyalty cards at those stores you visit often. On average, such cards can help you save up to 20% on everyday purchases.

5.You often eat out

If you have breakfast outside, order lunch again outside, and dine at a fast food restaurant – your money is ruthlessly destroyed. Of course, if you are on a long trip or vacation, such a “daily ration” can be explained. But in other cases you can cook at home. It is much tastier and cheaper. And calculate how many tips you have left in all catering establishments in the last week. You will surely cook a luxurious homemade lunch with them. Be useful to yourself and your personal accounting.

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