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Online shop – Accounting – What we need to know?

In recent years, the online business has developed extremely quickly. That is why various state agencies have taken up audits and oversight of this industry. Fully adequate attitude is required when accounting for an online shop.

In order to protect the consumers from unfair practices, audits are very often carried out. The sanctions by the legislators can be quite serious.


In the e-commerce business – such as an online shop – you should know that government agencies i.e. NRA, carry out constant audits. This is true even if you only operate through platforms like eBay and Amazon.

It doesn’t matter what channel you do your business on or how you manage to reach consumers. This is a business that brings revenue and you must declare all proceeds from your online shop to the NRA.

There are some differences here in the way of proceeding. It is important to entrust your online shop to a good accountant who can guide you in this area in any situation.


Since no fiscal receipt is issued when working in an online shop, many retailers are confused. However, there is other documentation here that is of great importance and needs to be stored and processed.

In the online shop trade, it can be said that the role of fiscal receipt is taken by the delivery documents. They show that the given amount was paid and the goods received.


In the online shop accounting there are a number of key points that should not be overlooked. That’s why the need for a good accountant arises. He/she will know how to proceed at such a time. As well as will be able to consult you in a way that your business is legally impeccable.

The goods originally shipped from an online shop are recorded as a real sale on which the relevant tax is due. However, there is a loophole that revenue agencies allow traders to apply in case of need.

It’s about the so-called reversal. In case of returned goods for any reason, the trader (online shop) makes a return of the sold goods while keeping the relevant document. Thus, avoiding the moment when the trader would owe tax on an unreal purchase.


Stop at a firm and accountants with experience in the field of online shop accounting. Accounting professionals should be well aware of the online business. They must also have extensive information on how to act in a particular situation.

We are ready to assist you in resolving your case. We have the knowledge, opportunities and professional experience when in comes to accounting of online shop. We will find the right solutions for your company accountancy. Contact us – T&G Consulting.

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