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Оpening an advertising agency – starting a business

Nowadays, there are several ways to promote goods and services. Among the most popular and widely available are advertising campaigns. The advertising business brings high incomes and does not require large investments in the beginning. It also has enormous potential for business development. However, it is important to note that the competition in this industry is fierce, so make sure you pay attention to small and medium-sized customers. In the following lines we will tell you more about opening an advertising agency.

 First step: Choose the type of agency

Before you start opening an advertising agency, the first step is to decide what kind it will be. The advertising business is a rather broad concept and accommodates many both large multinational companies and representatives of small companies. Here are some of the most popular types:

  1. Full cycle agency

When opening a full-cycle advertising agency, keep in mind that this involves the whole process. From creating an advertising strategy, producing content to distributing materials in various media. The greater the range of services you offer, the easier it will be for your agency to grow. With this type of agency, however, the initial investment is large.

  1. Design studio

This type of advertising agencies are focused mainly on the provision of visual advertising: production of billboards, logos, branding, etc.

  1. Specialized agency

If you are looking to open an advertising agency with a narrower specialization, you should focus on one type of advertising. For example, internet marketing, PR, video development, publishing media publications. Agencies of this type cooperate with other contractors in conducting full-fledged advertising campaigns.

  1. Production company

Advertising agencies of this type specialize in issuing business cards, banners, souvenirs. Stable equipment is required to open an advertising agency of this type.

There is another type of advertising agency – online advertising agency. Such, however, are considered as a separate type of activity.

Before you start opening an advertising agency on the Internet, you should choose what types of advertising you will offer.

  • Banner (media) advertising;
  • Contextual advertising;
  • Advertising on social media;
  • Video advertising.

Of course, you can deal with all these types or choose one of them. You will need less capital to open an advertising agency specializing in internet marketing. You need several computers, a team of specialists and software.

Second step – choose the services you will offer

Due to the many different formats of advertising, before you start opening an advertising agency, consider what services you will offer:

  • Outdoor advertising (banners, signs, illuminated signs);
  • Print advertising (leaflets, brochures, business cards);
  • Sale of advertising space in the media;
  • Organizing promotions and PR;
  • Advertising in transport;
  • Creating videos;
  • Ranking of sites.

Third step: Equipment and personnel

When opening an advertising agency, you will need:

  • Computers;
  • Printing and office equipment;
  • Furniture and stationery;
  • Phones;
  • Licensed software;
  • Stable internet connection.

To offer quality services you will need a qualified team of professionals. The number of specialists depends on the range of services provided and the scale of the activity. And don’t forget about accounting services.

Fourth step: Advertising and marketing

Advertising is of utmost importance in any start-up business. Through your advertising presence, potential customers will be able to find you more easily and you will be recognizable in the market.

Here are some tips to help you get started with opening an advertising agency:

  • Choose a playful and easy to remember name;
  • Publish data about the agency in directories;
  • Focus on working with small clients to create a portfolio;
  • Calling potential customers
  • Creating a website
  • Email newsletter – send suggestions for cooperation to people whose contacts you have received from the site
  • Outdoor advertising – use banners, message boards and brochures.
  • Social networks – create your groups and communities on Instagram and Facebook and regularly fill up with fresh content.

Step 5: Calculate the cost

Initial costs:

Monthly expenses:

  • Office for rent;
  • Purchase of consumables;
  • Salaries;
  • Additional costs.

Accounting services are among the most serious moments in any business. As if your business is tidy, you need serious and experienced knowledge in the field. We are here to help you – contact T&G Consulting and get accounting services from the right place.