The NRA publishes а statement regarding changes in the Ordinance on Social Insurances of Self-Insured Persons

The National Revenue Agency publishes a statement on the amendments and additions that have been made to the Ordinance on social insuring for self-insured persons, Bulgarian citizens working abroad and seafarers by Decree No199 of the Council of Ministers of 7 August 2020.

With the changes in the ordinance, the requirement to submit a declaration No. 5 as a mandatory prerequisite for maintaining the social insurance of self-insured persons under CSR pension is removed. For the presence of an explicit desire for insurance within the meaning of Art. 4, para. 6 of the Code, the fact that the submission of the data under Art. 5, para.  4, item 1 of CSR. The NRA’s opinion deals with cases where individuals have not interrupted their employment and retirement insurance, when this has happened (interrupted) and when they start work after they have been granted a pension.

The full text of the document is available on the NRA’s website.